Evgeniy Bekker hired as the new Esports General Manager of BETER

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On Wednesday, October 12th, 2022 one of the leading providers of sports betting as well as e – gaming products and services, BETER, hired Evgeniy Bekker as their new general manager of E – Sports. Apparently, this is a newly appointed role for BETER.

This newly appointed position will enable Bekker to lead BETER as they continue to strengthen their important e – sports division in order to fulfil the organization’s growth prospective as well as their determined marketplace expansion objectives.

Background of Evgeniy Bekker

Bekker originally joined the management team at BETER as their Chief Trading Officer back in 2020 as Evgeniy took an operational role in scaling the business’s fast – growing and exciting success of their next – generation sports betting product and solutions.

Due to the well – established and thriving industry of e – sports that possess an i – Gaming powerhouse reputation that consists of an in – depth knowledge of every and all aspects of sportsbook management. Bekker’s takes on this new position with the total and unparalleled passion for e – sports, and he will be a motivating and influential force for BETER’s success in that vertical.

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E – sports have always been a core strategic business initiative for BETER, and as of now BETER’s e – sports coverage includes over 40,000 – events of tier 1 – 3 tournaments each and every year as well as in excess of 28,000 – matches every single month of ESportsBattle and Virtual eComp 24 / 7 tournaments.

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BETER’s exciting suite of products and services has been complemented by the procurement of official data via their partnership with the global leading supplier of live e – sports data in Bayes E – Sports.

Media Statements

 “I’m proud to take on this role as Esports General Manager. E – sports has catapulted into the mainstream in the last few years and is rapidly challenging traditional sports as a top discipline across all gaming verticals,” Evgeniy Bekker expressed.

 Evgeniy Bekker goes on to say, “BETER has a unique approach to e – sports. We’ve created a next – gen product offering with a wide range of options for players to choose from across many e – sports titles and disciplines. I have full confidence that our team will unlock the full potential of e – sports betting and offer our partners something very exciting.

Bekker’s newly appointed role definitely mirrors the organization’s plans for concentrated development of the e – sports market, and their target in becoming the provider of choice for operators that are looking to support and offer their new and existing customers the best possible e – sports betting experience.

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