LiveScore Group Announces Strategic Acquisition of Its Partner Wonderlabz

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The renowned global sports media company LiveScore Group, announced the acquisition of Wonderlabz, one of the leading software development companies in South Africa.

Sports giant:

LiveScore Group has been substantially growing for a while, but this acquisition will be an additional boost when it comes to future expansion. It will make the product development process faster and expansion to the new markets easier.

Wonderlabz is famous worldwide for its advanced Lithium PAM and back-office platform. The company employs a range of experienced software developers and engineers who ensure smooth integrations. 

In the past, the two companies have already collaborated, and Wonderlabz was involved in improving the application and digital platforms for the biggest LiveScore’s brands, such as LiveScore and LiveScore Bet.

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LiveScore Group experienced huge success in the whole world thanks to its three brands. Probably the most famous is LiveScore, which is one of the leading platforms in the world when it comes to sports updates in real-time and streaming service providers. There are also LiveScore Bet and Virgin Bet, award-winning sportsbooks, so the brands cover both the sports media world and the sports betting industry.

This acquisition follows Ringier AG’s investment in LiveScore Group, which was completed last year. This Swiss-based media and technology company invested £50 million in the sports giant, which helped in further global expansion. 

Growing relationship:

Until now, LiveScore Group owned 25% of Wonderlabz, and the full acquisition is a significant step toward establishing a new tech hub in this rapidly growing market.

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Sam Sadi, CEO of LiveScore Group, said: “I’m thrilled to announce our acquisition of Wonderlabz, one of the most exciting businesses in the global software development space. We have grown our relationship with the fantastic people and experts at Wonderlabz over many years, and their stand-out Lithium PAM platform has played a critical role in the ongoing success of our industry-leading convergence strategy. I’m personally excited to work even closer with the team in Cape Town to help continue to develop a world-class tech hub in the area, one which increases the technical capability of our business and will fuel the potential for further growth. Welcome to the LiveScore Group family, Wonderlabz.” 

Ben Johansen, CEO of the Wonderlabz group, also commented: “This is a hugely exciting day for Wonderlabz, as we officially join the pioneering LiveScore Group family. Over recent years, we have built an outstanding business centred on world-class software development talent, working with the likes of LiveScore Group to develop industry-leading tech solutions. There is no doubt that in LiveScore Group, we join one of the most forward-thinking and innovative businesses in the sports media and betting worlds. I cannot wait for our people to continue playing a key role in what comes next.” 

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